TAD- Tube Amp Doctor Selected Tubes

EAV is now supplying and fitting TAD - Tube Amp Doctor tubes in all repairs. We have evaluated the consistency of their reliability and sound character and found them to far exceed our previous tube choices. Combined with the US tariffs on Chinese goods and a terrible exchange rate, importing from the US is no longer a viable option and this German brand far exceeds our expectations. We are so happy with TAD tubes that we offer a 12 month warranty ... Read more
Totes Ettrick


This month's Employee Of The Month goes to Totes Ettrick for his eagerness to learn to solder and not eat everything. Once he stops shaking and licking the PCBs we feel he will be a valuable staff member and has already been promoted to head of publick relations. Next time you're in at EAV, give Totes a hug. He loves it Read more


Current Sub 37 owners who would like to update their synthesizer with the hardware revisions found in the newly released Subsequent 37 can now contact EAV to upgrade their instrument. The upgrade is offered in two configurations: The Full Sub 37 Upgrade: Replaces Analog Board (Subsequent sound engine), Right-Panel Board (high-powered headphone amp) and Key-bed with those found in the Subsequent 37. Key-bed Only Update: Installs the Subsequent 37's upgraded Key-bed for improved playability and swift action. These upgrades have just been made available by ... Read more

MOOG Authorised Repairs

EAV has now been authorised as a MOOG repairer offering warranty support, repairs and spares for Western Australian MOOG lovers and we're as proud as punchy synths :) "It was 1970. I was 13 years old listening to the radio back in Christchurch New Zealand. They played a new acoustic track by Emerson Lake and Palmer. I was learning piano at the time and had just passed my grade 4 theory and practical so had very eager ears. I suddenly ... Read more
definitely a santa

Opening Hours for Santa World Tour 2015

It has come to our attention that there is a large group of heathens out in the big wild world that don't accept the vast evidence for the existence of Santa. How these people can live with themselves in the face of years of documented sightings by millions of children all over the world is unfathomable. Just Google Santa if you don't believe us! We hope everyone does their bit this year to share Santa's goodness all over the world and we ... Read more

Holiday Hours December 2014

EAV wishes everyone the best of the best for 2015 and a very happy break from the crazy. EAV will close 3PM Wednesday 24th December 2014. If you want to pop in and enjoy a strange beverage we will welcome you from 12:00PM onwards :) EAV will reopen for bookins, advise, stale fruitcake, flat beer and crazy stories on Thursday 8th January 2015. EAV will be open for normal business (yeah Donna is back) on Thursday the 15th January. Thank you all for the ... Read more

Wireless WA – Change Is In The Air

Listen up WA friends! If you talk/sing into a microphone or listen to your band monitoring with a wireless system, you gotta read this and follow it through! It will be illegal to use wireless microphones in the spectrum located in the 694–820 MHz frequency range from 1 January 2015. What's Going On? Many community groups and businesses use wireless audio devices such as wireless microphones and public announcement systems for a range of purposes, including school assemblies, religious services, theater and ... Read more

$3K Dex! What Do You Get For The Money?

UPDATED APRIL 2015 (see below) A client brought in a couple of Dex he had just purchased from a reputable Ebay seller. This seller's product looks awesome, has all the fruit and are very well presented. By the time you get them freighted you're up for AU$3000. I was looking forward to seeing these dex as I've followed modding and customisation since day one and have "watched" many of the Ebay seller's dex in awe. Bet they're amazing right? Everything perfect, smooth, ... Read more

Latest Guitar FX Pedal Technology

This will not set you back a lot of dough and for the average muso who has burger all bread to spend on new gear, this could be the ultimate kneaded device. I'm not here to butter you up, but this unit has a lovely vintage grain and when warmed up gives a fantastic crunchy tone. Please don't Baguette until you've tried it. ..so who's up for a jam? Excuse my rye sense of humour. Read more
Silly Season

Silly Season Hours

We will be closing at midday on the 24th December 2013 and opening for bookins, pickups and beverages only on the 9th January 2014. We will be fully functional again on the 13th January. EAV thanks all our customers and friends for a wonderful year and hopes you all have a safe and refreshing break. Please use the contact form for any emergencies over the crazy period, we will be very close by. Read more
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