TAD- Tube Amp Doctor Selected Tubes

TUBE AMP DOCTOR 12 Month Warranty
EAV is now supplying and fitting TAD – Tube Amp Doctor tubes in all repairs.

We have evaluated the consistency of their reliability and sound character and found them to far exceed our previous tube choices. Combined with the US tariffs on Chinese goods and a terrible exchange rate, importing from the US is no longer a viable option and this German brand far exceeds our expectations.

We are so happy with TAD tubes that we offer a 12 month warranty on all installed tubes*.
Yeah, read that last line again… how long was the tube warranty from your previous repairer?

For the uninitiated, Tube Amp Doctor (TAD) is a German company specialising in electron tubes and related components for musical instruments and audio amplification.

TAD is closely cooperating with all of the few remaining tube factories. Their techs, who are all active musicians, have been developing processes to test and secure the quality, consistency and reliability of TAD tubes.

Tube Amp Doctor STR tubes (Special Tube Requirement) are produced to exclusive TAD designs and strict specifications.

Tube quality control is way more than just a simple test. Before a TAD Tube gets accepted at all they perform extensive sample evaluation testing for consistency, power test, shock resistance test, soak test (long term operation at full power) and of course a musical test in known amplifiers to learn about its sound character with different playing styles.

EAV is excited to start a relationship with this remarkable product. Please join us.

*No tampering conditions apply.

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