Weather’s Heating Up

Soon there will be a stream of DJ gear that has been rocking it outside in garden bars and beach parties that no longer function because they’ve been playing shapeshifters in the WA hot sun.

I think it is largely unknown that most of this gear’s maximum safe operating temperature is 35C. Pioneer DJ publish the working temperature range in their user manuals. I haven’t found the info published in RANE DJ, DenonDJ or XONE:DJ manuals yet.

DJs, Production Managers, Venue Owners, Hire Companies etc please be aware and make sure they’re in the shade with plenty of ventilation. Beware of storing the gear in coffin cases or lockups that are left in the sun.

The case sections of the CDJ2000 are no longer available so if you melt them you’re kinda screwed.. all CDJs suffer from the case top deforming and no longer being able to fully support the jogwheel assembly so they dip in the middle. Symptom is that annoying binding and catching when you spin the jog.
From my experience the first symptoms of potential drama is the deforming of the white buttons.. the LOOP button drifts out of center in the holes as does the Media Select and Menu buttons around the display.. If you see the SD card door twisting, you don’t have long to go 🙂

EAV is fully stocked with the most common shapeshifting parts 🙂

Take care out there. Remember every melted CDJ makes the baby Ettrick cry!

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