The Warranty Process

In all cases of suspected faults requiring Warranty Service the owner should contact the point of purchase or the manufacturer’s support line to seek advise on the Warranty process.

All Warranty Claims will require a fully legible COPY of the Receipt of purchase and the following information.

Customers Name, Address and Phone Numbers
Dealers Name, Address and Phone Numbers
Purchase Date
Make & Model
Fully legible Serial Number
Detailed explanation of the observed fault
Copy of any communication with product’s support team or salespeople

Warranty Information

Most distributors have a Warranty Authorisation Form which is emailed to EAV and is generated by the point of purchase. Usually, work can not be commenced until this proof of Warranty is received. (Check with Salesperson)

Please note a MINIMUM CHARGE is payable if no fault is found and time is spent analysing the unit. Most distributors will not pay for “No Fault Found”, so please be certain your unit has a genuine fault. The best procedure is to take it to the store you purchased it from and ask them to confirm there is an error.

EAV will inspect the unit within 2 days and advise the distributor on the best procedure to continue.