Professional Audio and Music Instrument Electronics Service

EAV provides parts, service and repairs to all brands and models of Speakers, Mixing Consoles (ALL formats), Keyboards, Synthesizers, PC Digital Audio Software and Hardware, Pro CD Players, Audio Processors, Sound Modules, Digital Effects Units, Hard Disk Recording Systems, Amplifiers (Solid State and Valve ALL Classes), Communications Systems, UHF Wireless Systems, Digital Audio Workstations (repair and build), DJ Turntables, All MIDI Equipment, DJ Equipment and Ethernet Audio Systems.

We keep a huge range of commonly used parts in stock for most DJ mixers, pro CD players, turntables, guitar amps and keyboards and re-cone kits and diaphragms to suit most common speaker systems in the market. Most channel-faders, cross-faders and rotary potentiometers are in stock for ALLEN & HEATH, BEHRINGER, DENON, MACKIE, NUMARK, PIONEER, STANTON, SOUNDCRAFT, TECHNICS, VESTAX, YAMAHA and more.

MISTER EAVWe have over 80,000 schematics, service manuals, preload files and test software (over 200GB of data) collected over the last 30 years including many for rare and vintage units. We have become trusted by many and currently have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place with many international manufacturers.

Surface mount and lead-free soldering/rework systems assure full compliance to international standards and, where possible, only RoHS compliant components and spares sourced from ISO rated suppliers are used in repairs.

Our service procedures are thorough and methodical, focusing on preventive maintenance. Once all repairs are completed units receive full CAIG treatment of all controls & sockets and extensive soak testing and thump testing as well as factory alignment checks resulting in a very low return rate.

We have extensive records of all jobs worked on and can track any job by name, model or serial number. We can also test and tag and log your equipment for electrical safety, a very necessary service for all people involved in the entertainment industry.