EAV is Western Australia’s Premier Professional Audio, Music Electronics and Pro DJ Repair Centre

EAV provides parts, service and repairs to all brands and models of Speakers (active, passive and components), Mixing Consoles (ALL formats), Keyboards, Synthesizers, Digital Audio Hardware, Pro CD Players, Audio Processors, Sound Modules, Drum Machines, Digital Effects Units, Hard Disk Recording Systems, Amplifiers (Solid State and Tube ALL Classes), Communications Systems, UHF Wireless Systems, Digital Audio Workstations, DJ Turntables, All MIDI Equipment, DJ Equipment and Network Audio Hardware.

EAV is the warranty repairer of choice by most Australian importers and distributors of professional audio equipment.

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Merry Xmyth and a Huge New Year 2024

Well we got there again. Another 52 weeks of fun and excitement is nearly over and we can’t wait for the next batch starting in 2024. I am so looking forward to finishing my studies in Advanced Sarcasm. This year we will finish up at 5:30PM on December 22 2023 and reopen 9AM January 8 […]

Closed Due To Corona

Well it was inevitable and a potential drama for all small businesses. We have both tested positive for Corona Virus and as we only have part time staff we have no one to handle the day to day of being open. We are very sorry for any inconvenience but we must isolate for seven days […]

Why Do I Keep Getting Shocks Off My Gear?

  Why Do I Keep Getting Shocks Off My Gear? We get a lot of calls from people saying they want to bring their gear in because they’re getting annoying but minor electric shocks all the time. We even had someone ring last week because they had moved their DJ gear to the garage and […]

Merry Xmyth and a Happy New 2021

  Is 2020 over yet? Wasn’t that a stinker of a year but we made it through and can only hope 2021 will be a ripper. This year we will be closing on Thursday 24th December 2020 at 5:30PM and reopening on Thursday 14th January at 9:00AM As usual we will down tools around 1PM […]


  Weather’s Heating Up Soon there will be a stream of DJ gear that has been rocking it outside in garden bars and beach parties that no longer function because they’ve been playing shapeshifters in the WA hot sun. I think it is largely unknown that most of this gear’s maximum safe operating temperature is […]


We would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the 9 people whom have died in Western Australia during this current COVID 19 pandemic. We can only feel for other countries that have suffered severely more loss and wish the best for all our friends overseas. We are proud the people of […]

COVID-19 Update

A few days ago I was enjoying reading posts from DJs pumped about gigs they just won and touring sound engineers picking up gigs with huge world tours and clubs promoting new nights with great optimism and tickets selling fast for huge outdoor festivals. Suddenly almost overnight we’ve heard shocking stories from many of our […]


EAV wishes everyone a safe and happy break for the upcoming holiday season and thanks everyone for a great and fun filled year. This year we are closing on Tuesday 24th December 2019 at 5:30PM and reopening Thursday 9th January at 9:00AM If you are in Morley on the 24th December drop in and say […]

Pioneer DJ – Breaking It Down

Pioneer DJ has changed distributors in Australia. Since November 1st 2019 JANDS have taken over the importation and distribution of all Pioneer DJ products. You can read their press release here. We are currently in a state of limbo while new warranty procedures and spare part inventory are transferred to the new distributor. JANDS expects […]