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Listen up WA friends! If you talk/sing into a microphone or listen to your band monitoring with a wireless system, you gotta read this and follow it through!

It will be illegal to use wireless microphones in the spectrum located in the 694–820 MHz frequency range from 1 January 2015.

What’s Going On?

Many community groups and businesses use wireless audio devices such as wireless microphones and public announcement systems for a range of purposes, including school assemblies, religious services, theater and live music performances, sporting events and conferences, spruikers and marriage celebrants.

Currently, many of these devices use spectrum located in the 694-820MHz frequency range.

But from 1 January 2015, this frequency range will no longer be available for wireless microphone/monitor users as the spectrum will be used to deliver 4G mobile broadband services.

The changes relate to the spectrum located in this 694–820 MHz frequency range, which is also known as the ‘digital dividend’ and is currently used by digital television services and wireless microphone users.

To make the digital dividend available, Australia switched off its analog television services in December 2013.

In addition, digital television services were relocated (or ‘restacked’) from the 694–820 MHz range so that it uses spectrum in the 520–694 MHz range back in December 2014. At the same time, the ACMA relocated wireless microphone/monitor users from the digital dividend to other parts of the spectrum, such as the 520–694 MHz range. (ha ha.. see what they did there?)

What's Been Going On?
So, as you may not know since 17 September 2013, suppliers must have included a warning label with each wireless audio device that operates in the 694–820 MHz range advising potential buyers the device must not operate in this frequency range after 31 December 2014 AND since 1 January 2014, suppliers have no longer been able to import, manufacture or sell wireless audio devices in Australia that operate at 694–820 MHz. By the way, if someone has sold you equipment not usable after Jan 1 2015 please make a complaint to the shop you purchased it from and the ACMA.

Here’s The Kicker!

From 1 January 2015, wireless microphones must not be used in the 694-820 MHz frequency range as we just discussed, and the main alternative frequency ranges will be 520-694 MHz (this includes channels 27 – 51) and 1790-1800 MHz.

BUT guess what, if you choose to continue using your old system in the 520-694 MHz range, you will need to ensure that you do not cause/receive interference to television and radio services because they will be sharing the same spectrum! Nice work GOV! 🙂

But never fear, many people have been busy and made lots of documents that lets you easily choose your available frequency by suburb so you don’t end up getting Australia’s Funniest Redneck bursting through your acoustic version of Nine Inch Nails’ Hurt in a bar in Innaloo or reruns of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares bursting through your marriage vows at the Lily Pond in Gingin.

So drop in to EAV with your system and we’ll tell you what’s happening or read the appropriate document for your area below or buy a brand new digital system in the 1790-1800 MHz spectrum which will mean you can use your new system anywhere in Australia without checking to see if your wireless will work in that suburb!

wireless-waFrequency finder resources for WA

Perth Suburbs
XLSX (right click and choose download)

Perth and surrounds
PDF (right click and choose download)

Regional and remote WA
PDF (right click and choose download)

Go forth and disturb electrons!

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  1. Rob West June 7, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    Thanks. This was confusing me and local shops don’t help!

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