Seriously Dodgy Backyard Repairs On Neve Channel Strips

Now, imma not mention any names here but... Not that long ago here in Perth, a very well know international trio of musicians and a major touring act, purchased from Ebay, a bucket of very awesome Neve 51 channel strips for their studio. They needed them racked up and a power supply made. Simple huh? I believe all that was required was +/- 16V at 3.6A, -15V at 1A and +/- 25V at 1A. Wait seems it isn't that easy to get ... Read more

Soundmatters FOXL Worlds Best Sounding Pocket Sized Speaker

EAV is now supplying the full range of Soundmatters Foxl products. Foxl V2 is the world's best sounding pocket-sized stereo speaker. FoxL was developed by Soundmatters founder and audio design legend, Dr. Godehard Guenther - a physicist and former NASA engineer. These units defy physics. Every audio engineer/tech I have played them to can't believe it is just the Foxl making the sound. They make an excellent handsfree device as well and I use mine often in conference calls on Skype ... Read more

Welcome To EAV. A Brand New Site

Hello. Welcome to EAV, it really is great to see you here. I figured it was time to update the site and what better software to use than Wordpress. I love learning new things and building this was a lot of fun. Now I need to learn SEO and get it out to the world. I hope you like it. I will post the odd picture of gear I've been working on here, and perhaps a shame file of dodgy stuff I see ... Read more
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