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Opening Hours for Santa World Tour 2015

It has come to our attention that there is a large group of heathens out in the big wild world that don't accept the vast evidence for the existence of Santa. How these people can live with themselves in the face of years of documented sightings by millions of children all over the world is unfathomable. Just Google Santa if you ... Read more

Holiday Hours December 2014

EAV wishes everyone the best of the best for 2015 and a very happy break from the crazy. EAV will close 3PM Wednesday 24th December 2014. If you want to pop in and enjoy a strange beverage we will welcome you from 12:00PM onwards :) EAV will reopen for bookins, advise, stale fruitcake, flat beer and crazy stories on Thursday 8th January ... Read more

Wireless WA – Change Is In The Air

Listen up WA friends! If you talk/sing into a microphone or listen to your band monitoring with a wireless system, you gotta read this and follow it through! It will be illegal to use wireless microphones in the spectrum located in the 694–820 MHz frequency range from 1 January 2015. What's Going On? Many community groups and businesses use wireless audio devices ... Read more

$3K Dex! What Do You Get For The Money?

UPDATED APRIL 2015 (see below) A client brought in a couple of Dex he had just purchased from a reputable Ebay seller. This seller's product looks awesome, has all the fruit and are very well presented. By the time you get them freighted you're up for AU$3000. I was looking forward to seeing these dex as I've followed modding and customisation ... Read more

Latest Guitar FX Pedal Technology

This will not set you back a lot of dough and for the average muso who has burger all bread to spend on new gear, this could be the ultimate kneaded device. I'm not here to butter you up, but this unit has a lovely vintage grain and when warmed up gives a fantastic crunchy tone. Please don't Baguette until you've ... Read more
Silly Season

Silly Season Hours

We will be closing at midday on the 24th December 2013 and opening for bookins, pickups and beverages only on the 9th January 2014. We will be fully functional again on the 13th January. EAV thanks all our customers and friends for a wonderful year and hopes you all have a safe and refreshing break. Please use the contact form for any ... Read more

No Drinks Please!!!

I have just reconed six EV EVX180 18" 1000W drivers (woofers). It was probably one of the worst reconing jobs I have had to do. The drivers were from three MTL-2BT cabinets which are in the EV Manifold Technology family where the woofers are mounted horizontally opposite each other and push air into a cavity in the centre of ... Read more

Peavey Spare Parts

EAV has taken stock of a large pile of new Peavey spares during the change of Australian distributor. We have stacks of potentiometers, slider controls, switches, sockets and a host of Black Widow replacement baskets all at reasonable prices. As most techs know, Peavey use an unusual range of components and they are often numbered exclusively with Peavey part numbers. Their ... Read more

Seriously Dodgy Backyard Repairs On Neve Channel Strips

Now, imma not mention any names here but... Not that long ago here in Perth, a very well know international trio of musicians and a major touring act, purchased from Ebay, a bucket of very awesome Neve 51 channel strips for their studio. They needed them racked up and a power supply made. Simple huh? I believe all that was required ... Read more

Soundmatters FOXL Worlds Best Sounding Pocket Sized Speaker

EAV is now supplying the full range of Soundmatters Foxl products. Foxl V2 is the world's best sounding pocket-sized stereo speaker. FoxL was developed by Soundmatters founder and audio design legend, Dr. Godehard Guenther - a physicist and former NASA engineer. These units defy physics. Every audio engineer/tech I have played them to can't believe it is just the Foxl making ... Read more
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