I have just reconed six EV EVX180 18″ 1000W drivers (woofers). It was probably one of the worst reconing jobs I have had to do.

MTL-2BT The drivers were from three MTL-2BT cabinets which are in the EV Manifold Technology family where the woofers are mounted horizontally opposite each other and push air into a cavity in the centre of the cabinet. They’re capable of 130.5dB when driven with 1200 Watts and the cabinet tuning is 37Hz. They were/are a good sub by any standards.

<— There’s an image of the cabinet.

Imagine the handle on top of all three being old, cracked and broken. Imagine the very convenient table looking thingy over there where I want to dance. Imagine several drunk twitchy hipsters with a glass of sticky sweet syrupy soda-pop and alcohol. Ugly isn’t it!


All three of these cabinets have had sticky black sweet crap poured through the woofers while they were running at (I assume) reasonably high volume. The “trade-marked” sugarwater has entered the voice coil gaps and cooked into a thick sticky mass and seized the woofers in place while still being driven hard. All of them then began to burn and bake until they discharged themselves from duty.

You can not imagine the disgusting sickly smell, sticky black crap all over your tools and hands and the effort needed to wash these six huge 18″ frames out with hot water and detergent and hose out the wooden cabinets.

Check out the mess 🙁



Next job…


  1. Ghastly. Obviously not all “things go better with” whatever-it-was.

    I can personally recommend that laptop computers shouldn’t be served drinks either, especially orange juice. It etches things like you wouldn’t believe.

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