Seriously Dodgy Backyard Repairs On Neve Channel Strips

Now, imma not mention any names here but

Not that long ago here in Perth, a very well know international trio of musicians and a major touring act, purchased from Ebay, a bucket of very awesome Neve 51 channel strips for their studio.

They needed them racked up and a power supply made. Simple huh? I believe all that was required was +/- 16V at 3.6A, -15V at 1A and +/- 25V at 1A.

Easy peasy to any half experienced tech in the proaudio field.. right?…
Most Proaudio Techs

Wait seems it isn’t that easy to get a respectable job here in Perth. What they got was a poorly designed and rubbishy made pair of shitty plastic boxes full of WTF!

Please observe this constructed piece that a first year High School kid in a once-a-week Electronics Club could have made better!

Here we go…

YO!  Holy Guacamole..  Check out the cable ties holding the regulators to the heatsink.. Gaffa holding a 300VA toroidal transformer in place.. If you squint over to the left (trust me on this) there are TO3 regulator transistors with wires soldered to the case! (this will make the baby Rupert Neve cry)

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!!!!

Wait.. it gets worse..

They picked the two “tops” of the secondary windings to create a 0V centre tap …Whoops.. missed! Had they analysed it they may have noticed the nice 50Hz sawtooth wave 🙂

GONG!!! This is unbelievable to see coming out of Perth I am embarrassed by it and I had no part in it!

Look at this.. gaffa.. heat.. vero board.. burn.. fire.. insurance.. gear.. destroyed.. (sorry.. went a little Monty Python on you there)

The AARG (Australasian Audio Repairers Guild) was not happy about this standard in a very professional industry and a member was able to make a professional power supply and rack the units in the manner they deserved.

Please be careful out there and demand a standard of work that represents our professional industry.

What a damn insult to the legacy of Rupert Neve’s work to see crap like this!

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