A few days ago I was enjoying reading posts from DJs pumped about gigs they just won and touring sound engineers picking up gigs with huge world tours and clubs promoting new nights with great optimism and tickets selling fast for huge outdoor festivals.

Suddenly almost overnight we’ve heard shocking stories from many of our friends, customers, engineers, club owners, promoters.. the whole damn entertainment industry.. whom have just lost their entire livelihood and some their businesses.

We feel for you all and wish it would be over quickly but fear it’s only just beginning judging by the models presented in already infected countries.

Both of us are very high risk and after 30 years of EAV we will not submit to a fcuking virus without a fight.

We are not closing but we need you to understand our plan and reasons.

From Monday 23rd March 2020 we are implementing social distancing until further notice.

All new repair jobs will require booking in and payment of inspection fee prior to dropping the gear off. This can be done via SMS (0423 597 073), email ( [email protected] ) or phone (08 9275 7375) or from our contact page.

We will ask you to drop the gear off in our downstairs area and leave. We will sanitise it and prepare it for service.

Once repaired, payment will be made via Credit Card or Direct Deposit and we will place the goods downstairs for your collection again with no physical contact. We will be able to talk to you of course.

We hope our customers trust us enough to accept these terms. We apologise for how impersonal it seems but we feel it is very necessary.

Please stay safe out there.

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