We would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the 9 people whom have died in Western Australia during this current COVID 19 pandemic.

We can only feel for other countries that have suffered severely more loss and wish the best for all our friends overseas.

We are proud the people of WA worked so hard together to knock this beast on the head. Time will tell if a second wave hits us but as long as we are aware of what needs to be done and look out for each other we can get through it.

With WA having no new COVID 19 cases for around two weeks now and the WA Government lifting restrictions on the 18 May as we move into Phase 2 of the Covid 19: WA Roadmap EAV is also lifting our non-contact method of business.

From Monday 25th May 2020 EAV will return to normal business practices with strict Covid 19 safety Guidelines as directed by the Western Australian Government

We ask all our customers observe the following guidelines

* Only one person at a time in our reception area.
* If you arrive with a second person please have them wait on the stairwell landing.
* If you arrive while a customer is being served we will alert you and ask you to wait until the previous customer leaves.
* We have marked out our reception area and ask that you adhere to the markings of where to stand.
* We will provide hand sanitiser and offer it to you to apply before using our EFTPOS machine unless the transaction is a contactless payment. We also have finger condoms and latex gloves on demand.

We respect your help to make EAV a safe place to do business.

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