EAV – Phantom Power Detector

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The EAV Phantom Power Detector is a simple tool that allows you to check for damaging phantom power before connecting to an audio system

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The EAV Phantom Power Detector is the tool you don’t know you need if you are a working entertainer connecting your own gear to in-house audio systems!

Inspired by the string of damaged audio gear where the owner has unknowingly had 48 Volts aka Phantom Power applied to the XLR outputs, EAV decided to make a simple tester so you can check the supplied XLR cables are safe before you connect.

Connect the EAV Phantom Power Detector to the supplied leads and if you see a red LED do not connect or damage will most likely occur. Instead find one of the audio crew on site and ask them to turn phantom power off on your two channels.

Phantom power is a 48v power source all professional audio mixers have that can be assigned to supply condenser microphones or DI boxes etc and is usually switchable on each channel of a mixing console. It is very easy to be overlooked and the resulting 48V can burst the coupling capacitors or damage the circuit protector devices in the output stage of your equipment.

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Weight 35 g
Dimensions 75 × 20 × 20 mm


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